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"Nanny" built 1906 in Marstal, Denmark
Fridolf Jakobsson bought 1922 the three mast schooner "Kristina". He was skipper onboard until 1929. 1930 was the motor schooner "Nanny" bought. This ship was sold 1943. These two vessels was mostly trading coal and coke from Germany to Scandinavia.

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Ramona built 1900 at G?averken as "Mustadfors"
Together with a partowner, Fridolf bought the first tanker 1948. It was "Ramona" at 125 dwt. This vessel was trading the river "G?a ?v" and lake V?ern.

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"?vtank" nr 1
The sons of Fridolf, Sven and Johannes Jakobsson became also skippers on a tanker each. "M/T ?vtank", purchased 1951 and "M/T Tanker", purchased 1956.

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"?vtank" nr 2, built 1962 at K?lands?as "Furen?"

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"?vtank" nr3
1979 was the second "?vtank" bought. This ship was trade lake V?ern and Scandinavian coast. The second "?vtank" was sold 1993 at the same time as "?vtank" nr 3 was bought from Rederi AB Brevik of ?ker? The third ?vtanks former name was "Neptun".

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"Ramona" nr2
The second "Ramona" was bought 1996 from T?ntank Rederi AB. This vessel was built 1974 as "T?nhav". This vessel was sold 2002 to OW Bunkers in Denmark and renamed to "Olivia"

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Nanny built 1993 at Hyundai Korea.
1999 was "Nathalie Sif" bought from the Danish company KIL Shipping. Rederi AB ?vtank named the vessel to "Nanny" after the motor schooner belonging to Fridolf Jakobsson. Sold 2008 to Coastal Shipping Limited, Canada.

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?vtank nr 4.
2002 was "?vtank" nr 3 sold and a new "?vtank" nr 4 was bought from the norweigan company Troms Fylke A/S. The former name of "?vtank" nr4 was "Bjarkoy". Sold 2005 to G?eborg Bunker and renamed to ?gon.

M/T Ramona
2004 was a new "Ramona" delivered,the companys first newbuilding. The vessel was built in Shanghai at Edwards shipyard and become the 3:rd vessel with this name.

M/T Ramira
2009 ?vtank bought the vessel Gan-Gesture from the Turkish company Gansword Shipping. The vessel is renamed Ramira.

Rederi AB ?vtank has a long tradition of this special type of coastal
tanker shipping and it has been operated from generation to generation.