16 September 2019

RAMELIA has been delivered and is now on her way home to Europe.

1 June 2019

The naming ceremony of RAMELIA is completed.

9 November 2018 

Our vessel RAMIRA has today been sold to Algoma Tankers from Canada. The new name will be Algonorth and she will be operating on the Great Lakes - St Lawrence Seaway, Canada. We wish the new owners all the best in future with this nice vessel. We would also like to thank our skilled crew who have served and been engaged in Ramira for 10 years during our management.

25 July 2018 

RAMANDA has successfully been delivered and is now under our possession.   

12 May 2018 

We are happy to announce that the naming ceremony of RAMANDA has been completed at the AVIC Dingheng Shipyard.


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